The Gil Gutierrez Trio at Jazz Standard

Joining a classical pianist friend at Jazz Standard’s first set tonight for dinner and music was all the more enjoyable thanks to the extraordinary trio, Gil Gutiérrez on guitar, Robert…

Connections: Tango Time

The meeting room of the East Hampton Presbyterian Church, which is regularly filled by Sunday-school classes and women’s-club suppers, is not exactly where you would expect to go to a…

Renowned Virtuoso Guitarist Gil Gutierrez Returns To The Jazz Standard

Renowned virtuoso guitarist and composer Gil Gutiérrez with bassist David Rodriguez and violinist Robert Stern makes a much-anticipated return to the legendary Jazz Standard in New York City, May 22-23,…

INTERVIEW: Gil Gutiérrez debuts at NYC’s Jazz Standard

Gil Gutiérrez, a skilled guitar playing from Mexico, will bring his unique interpretation of jazz, flamenco and son cubano to New York City’s Jazz Standard for the first time Wednesday,…

Virtuoso Guitarist & Composer Gil Gutiérrez Debut Performance at Jazz Standard

Gil Gutiérrez renowned virtuoso guitarist and composer who’s performed at prestigious music halls notably the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall and the Mexican Cultural Institute of the Mexican Embassy in Washington…

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Brings the fullest meaning to the word, "virtuoso." Whether it is jazz, or pure classical, he brings sensivity and excitement to the music. Gil, my dear friend, thanks for each gorgeous note.

Doc Severinsen


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