Doc Severinsen, Latest Band in Fine Form / By Alan Adams

Twenty years have passed since Doc Severinsen ended his 30-year stint on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” Judging by the average age in the intimate Cabaret Jazz at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts on Friday, most – if not all – of the near-capacity audience fondly remember the show and its charismatic trumpet player and band leader.

Severinsen was nearing the end of a brief tour with his latest aggregation, the San Miguel 5. This is not a pickup band. It doesn’t boast typical quintet instrumentation nor does it perform familiar crowd-pleasing tunes. In addition to Severinsen, the group consists of guitarist Gil Gutiérrez, violinist Charles Bisharat, percussionist Jimmy Branly and bassist Kevin Thomas.

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Doc Severinsen & The San Miguel 5 / By Edhat Subscriber

Trumpeter Doc Severinsen and guitarrist Gil Gutiérrez headed for the lobby to autograph CD’s following their outstanding San Miguel 5 Performance at the Granada Theatre, where they received a standing ovation from an enthusiastic audience who thoroughly enjoyed the exciting new sound the group has created. Charlie Bisharat, violinist for the group was beyond amazing, and chatter from young women in the ladies lounge was that he was gorgeous and extremely talented. Cuban born Jimmy Branly pulled out all the stops during his solo drum performance. Kevin Thomas, bass player created a sound that synergized beautifully with his ‘brothers’ in the band.
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Doc’s Prescription: To Keep Playing Music / By Paul Freeman / For The Daily News

Leading NBC’s “The Tonight Show” orchestra for 25 years, trumpeter Doc Severinsen became a pop culture icon.

“I thank my lucky stars every single day for the years I was there,” Severinsen tells The Daily News. “It enabled me to go out and have recognition and do a lot of things, as a solo performer, that I wanted to do. People would trust me, because they’d think, ‘Well, if he’s on Johnny’s show, he must be OK.'”
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